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Published in 2005, Raising the Standard is a critical analysis of the contemporary church movement and its impact upon the church regarding our worship, our witness, and our respect for God's Word. Based upon the Apostle Paul’s teaching in 1 Corinthians 15:34, Raising the Standard is one pastor’s plea for a revival among God’s people, a removal of the worldly concepts of what it means to be a Christian, and a return to righteousness in the church.


When we were first saved, our heart were flooded with the love of God, and in turn, we “fell in love” with Jesus. We couldn’t stop thinking about Him, talking about Him, or singing songs of praise unto Him. Do you still have that “first love” for the Lord Jesus? Rediscovering Your First Love is a 30-day study guide to restore that first love for the Lord.


God’s people are fast approaching what Henry Blackaby describes as a “Spiritual anarchy that will ultimately become our spiritual demise.” Requisite for Revival is a 30-day study-guide designed to review the fundamental doctrines of our salvation, renew our first love for the Lord, and deepen our devotion to God. God’s desire is to bring about a great spiritual awakening in His Church today. Perhaps such a revival will begin with you.


America is on the edge of a moral implosion. "Confessing Christians" have become fearfully silent regarding the advancement of secularism and evil in our society. Unless Christians push back on these issues today, America will become immersed in socialism, and our grandchildren will grow up in communism. Unless Christians speak up in their churches today the "Confessing Church" will be silenced, not by decree, but by default. The time has come; Christians can be "Silent No More"!