Inspiration—Return to God              Scripture Reading—Genesis 28, 34

These last few days will be spent in spiritual recovery and building safeguards against the enemy.

  1. Read Genesis 28:10-19
    • What was God’s promise to Jacob?
    • Why was this place special to Jacob?
  1. Read Genesis 34:1-31
    • What did Jacob’s sons do to disgrace him? (verse 27)
    • What was their answer? (verse 31)
  1. Read Genesis 35:1-7
    • What three things did Jacob tell his family to do? (verse 2)
    • Verse 3 has a line that is a promise of chapter 28:15. What is it?
    • Why did Jacob call this place Bethel?


    • Where is your Bethel? Where is that one place where you know you can meet God? A retreat site, a camp, a seminar, a place of worship, your home church?
    • What promise did God make to you at your Bethel?
    • What promise did YOU make to GOD at your Bethel?
    • What foreign gods have you had to put away so far this month?

Jacob’s family had to purify themselves and change their clothes.  Do you look like a Christian on the outside as well as the inside?  Are you more conformed to the culture than you are to Christ?


Set up YOUR Bethel.  Designate that one place where you know you can go to meet God—a chair—a room—a closet—a tree—any place. Let everyone know that when you go to that place, you are “in a meeting” with the Lord.

I invite you back tomorrow for DAY TWENTY-THREE of “REDISCOVERING YOUR FIRST LOVE!”