Inspiration—Backsliding                      Scripture Reading—1 Samuel         

There is a point in backsliding that leads to rebellion and total disobedience to God.  In this case, as said in Hebrews 6:1-18, it is impossible to restore them to repentance, even though God gives them that chance as long as they live.  King Saul is an example of this.

Read 1 Samuel 10-31:13 and line the steps Saul took that lead him into total rebellion and eternal separation from God.

10:1                             Saul was anointed King

11:15                           Saul was proclaimed King

13:5-7                          Saul took spiritual authority he didn’t have

14:24-45                      Saul acted arrogantly

15:1-3                          Saul was used of God (chance to repent)

15:9-23                        Saul was disobedient again

15:24-31                      Saul was restored (chance to repent)

16:14                           God’s Spirit departs from Saul

17:49-52                      Competition sets in

18:5-9                          Jealousy sets in

18:10-12                      Revenge sets in

23:1-15                        Revenge gets even greater

24:1-22                        Saul’s life is spared (chance to repent)

26:1-25                        Saul’s life is spared again (chance to repent)

28:3-25                        Saul turns to witchcraft for counsel

31:1-13                        Saul is killed in battle


  1. Using your own paper, chart the course of your own spiritual journey, beginning with the date you were saved, and listing the times of disobedience, as well as obedience you can recall.


Obedience      *(Date of Salvation)                                                                                                                          Age Now




  1. Thank God He has not removed His Spirit from you, and that He has given you this opportunity to restore your true faith in Him.

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