Inspiration—Backsliding                         Scripture Reading—Luke 22:31-32

Peter was a backslider—but he came back to the Lord and was one of the leaders of the early church.  He preached the first sermon in Acts 2:42-47, wrote two books of the Bible and God used him to encourage Mark to continue in the faith.

  1. How did Jesus describe what Satan wanted to do with Peter?
  2. What was going to be tested?
  3. Did Jesus already know the outcome?
  4. What was to be the outcome?
  5. Read Matthew 26:69-75:
    • What was the test of Peters faith?
    • What was his immediate response?
  1. After Peter remembered what Jesus said, what did he do? (vs 75)


  1. Have you considered that your time of temptation was actually a test of your faith in the Lord, as well as your love for the Lord?


  1. Read James 1:1-14
  2. Have you felt sorrow for your sin?
  3. Thank God for the “experience” in your life and for the opportunity He has given you to trust Him, and to reveal your true love for Him.
  4. Begin formulating some convictions about your faith and some standards for your life that you WILL NOT COMPROMISE.

I invite you back tomorrow for DAY TWENTY of “REDISCOVERING YOUR FIRST LOVE!”