Wednesday, December 23

Read Luke 2:1-20

Of all the characters in the Christmas story, the shepherds were the most amazing to me.  Why?  Shepherds were outcasts among the people; they were considered “unclean”, and therefore not welcome in the temple services—other than to bring the lambs, or course!  But God used them as the first people to go and tell the “good news of great joy for all people”.

Having been inspired by a choir of angels, the shepherds walked to the city of Bethlehem where they found Mary and Joseph and the child, lying in a manager.  Upon seeing the family, they bore witness to what the angels had told them about this child, starting with the parents.

The shepherds returned to their sheep; glorifying and praising God for all they had seen and heard.

If God can use a band of lowly shepherds to bring good news of great joy, what do you suppose God might want to do through you and me?  Be that unlikely voice of God’s word to someone today!